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Jazzy Green

Jazzy Green– a UK poet, artist, and activist– hangs their hat, as well as their heart, anywhere they land. Poetry has always been a means to understand being, in all its forms, beyond the academic institution. Trying to shape a voice that’s real in a sea of contra-sounds is a journey forever unfolding, and one that must be, they believe, stamped by all that they are. Their words aim to be relentless, unapologetic marks, like cigarettes stubbed onto your skin. Then sometimes, afterwards, a kiss of forgiveness; a breath or a break. Themes that pervade are entirely entangled and this is how they wish to be seen. Anxious attachment, neoliberalism, consumption, queer desire, absence and fullness; within the knot, they hope there’s something you can find. For more of their work, check out Slimy Mind, a Substack that has absolutely no schedule and thus comes raw. They also endorse your full-fledged support for new words {press}, who are re-writing the boundaries of publishing in its links to capitalism and heteronormativity and so much more. Come along for the ride and everything you don’t know yet.

new words {press}

is honored to mark the historical moment of our first full-length book collection with the publication of Jazzy Green. Their work is a powerful, timely and important voice, not only for trans* and queer communities, but for the world at large. Please join us to rally around Jazzy and demonstrate our full support for their work and vulnerability, and keep giving momentum to the only trans* and gender-expansive centered poetry press in existence! Let’s community! More information coming in the near future regarding the preorder date, release date, and much more!

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