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poet * artist * activist – DRAFT

Jazzy Green hangs their hat, as well as their heart, anywhere they land. Poetry has always been a means to understand being, in all its forms, beyond the academic institution. Trying to shape a voice that’s real in a sea of contra-sounds is a journey forever unfolding, and one that must be, they believe, stamped by all that they are. Their words aim to be relentless, unapologetic marks, like cigarettes stubbed onto your skin. Then sometimes, afterwards, a kiss of forgiveness; a breath or a break.

Did You See My Eyes Mum cover - person through window in briefs

AVAILABLE SOON FROM new words {press}

Debut Collection

Did You See My Eyes Mum involves exploration of attachment, queerness, capitalism, privatisation, sex & power. Humour is often used as a satirical device or simply to be playful. Most importantly, the writing is an exercise of the narrator’s emotional processing; by weaving together various spheres in their life, the links between them become apparent. The work begins to tap into patterns of anxiety, with attention to its sources being both intimate and systemic.

"Meeting the faces of others helps us unfold, I think. Loosening our worlds, being two people and more. Our circle unfolds into a land. Escaping the uneasiness."  ~ [Spin Unravel]
“Since you broke my heart water bills have increased”. “And the cedar wood market has exploded”. ~ [Psychic Call]

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